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Paddle Round The Pier (or ‘Paddle’) is The world’s biggest FREE beach and watersports festival. It runs every year on the beautiful venue of Hove Lawns – Brighton & Hove – and features the very best in water, street & urban sports, live music, kids’ entertainment, ‘have a go’ opportunities and much, much more.

Paddle has always appealed to surfers and watersports enthusiasts, but it seems we just can’t stop people wanting to get involved. With all the usual suspects, from surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, skating, windsurfing and free running, to all new sports like Surf Life Saving, land paddling, Kitesurfing and freestyle mountain biking‚ now everyone wants a piece of the pie.

With so much fantastic free fun to be had, along with stacks of great prizes, chances to try things for yourself, new bands to enjoy and mind blowing demonstrations to see, you’d be mad to miss it!

With the overwhelming support of the watersports industry, Brighton & Hove City Council and many local businesses, Paddle Round The Pier 2017 is set to be the biggest Paddle ever. guiness drums psu

We now average between 50 and a record 55,000 visitors each year and as a result the event has donated over £300,000 to charity.

There’s always room for more though, so – if your favourite watersports shop or brand is not on the list of those coming, give them a call and ask why? They’re all invited! And just because there’s loads of new stuff going on doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about old favourites like the Paddle Something Unusual or the Pier to Pier races. And of course, you can expect our world famous title event – Paddle Round The Pier – mixed in with some serious athletic challenges!

What’s that I hear you cry? “Here comes the Summer!”….. about time!

Dont forget to get your PRTP sticker on the back of your vehicle for 2017 – its a badge of honour!

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