We are on the border between Brighton and Hove ( although Brighton and Hove are now joined so there is no border ) – the event takes place on what is called Hove Lawns to the West of the remains of the West Pier – Sat Nav Users can use BN3 2FR but stop before you get to the sea.
By Train – take the Train to Brighton ( London Victoria is good ) and walk downhill to the sea and turn right – we are just past the dilapidated pier and the building site of the i360 tower – well it’s nearly complete.


Guide To Parking in Brighton
There are also many pay and display areas to the North West of the Lawns – free unrestricted parking is a rarity in Brighton and Hove and you would most likely have to park a mile to the West of the event to find free parking. But it is a beautiful walk.

Visit Brighton have a great resource of maps here

Paddle Round The Pier

Brighton Train Station

Hove Train Station

Tall Pole i360

Four Candles Shop

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