We are on the border between Brighton and Hove ( although Brighton and Hove are now joined so there is no border ) – the event takes place on what is called Hove Lawns to the West of the remains of the West Pier – Sat Nav Users can use BN3 2FR but stop before you get to the sea.

By Train

Take the Train to Brighton and walk downhill to the sea and turn right – we are just past the dilapidated pier and the newly built i360 tower.


By Car

There are many pay and display areas to the North West of the Lawns – free unrestricted parking is a rarity in Brighton and Hove and you would most likely have to park a mile to the West of the event to find free parking… But it is a beautiful walk.



Paddle Round The Pier

Brighton Train Station

Hove Train Station

Tall Pole i360

Four Candles Shop

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