Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival are holding a social gathering for anyone wishing to volunteer a little time at this year’s 20th Anniversary event.

Volunteers from all walks of life are invited to come and meet the friendly Paddle crew at 7pm Brighton Sailing Club on Saturday May 21st. The Paddle Crew are a merry bunch of volunteers who will be on hand to tell you more about why they volunteer and why they love the event!

This is the ideal time to come and say hello and find out more about this world famous event and how you can get involved.

Email for more details or simply drop by Brighton Sailing club (by the basketball court on the seafront) at 7pm on Saturday.

The Paddle Crew have really influenced my life – meeting and making some wonderful friends who will do anything for you. It’s a great bunch of people of all ages all doing their bit to unconditionally help others – you can’t get better than that in a group of friends!

Debbie Disley

VC, Paddle

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