WOO Big Air Competition

We’ve borrowed a load of WOO’s from WOO, have been given some sick prizes from CrazyFly and Cabrinha and thrown some in ourselves. Friends and Kitesurfkings crew will be helping out over the weekend and everyone’s doing it out of love so feel free to get the beers in and do give to Paddle charities.

When & Where

We’re looking to kick things off at 14.30 on the 1st July 2017, this doesn’t mean that competitors can arrive at 14.30 but are ready to kite at 14.30. There’s a strict cut off point at 16.00/16.30. If we are unlucky with wind on the 1st but it’s looking good for the 2nd then we’ll flip the event to the 2nd and will have a time slot allocated then, we might not receive this information until sometime on the 1st. You can swing by the Kitesurfkings stand (pitch number 32 to the right/east upon entering Entrance Gate 4) anytime to check info and say hi or login to the Kitesurfkings Facebook page for an update.

There’s a map below which clearly marks out our kite beach, which sits between First Avenue/Lawns Cafe and Palmeira Square/Kitesurfkings Stand. The beach will be marked by CrazyFly, Cabrinha Kitesurfkings and WOO feather flags and a large red ‘WANING KITE LAUNCH & LANDING BEACH’ banner that you’ll hopefully see from the water if you’re downwinding to the event.

If you have downwinded to Paddle and are entering the comp then you can leave your kite inflated, do wrap your lines up and be mindful of the rising tide, your kite’s then ready for the comp.

Who’s the event for… can I enter

The event’s aimed at all solid riders who’re upwind and jumping… I say ‘all’ but if you’re a pro or sponsored rider then come and have a kite by all means but the main prize for highest jump will not be on the cards. This is a fun opportunity to have a kite at a great event with like minded riders, all egging each other on to jump higher and pull off their best tricks, not to mention bag some sick prizes!

Highest jump will be measured using a WOO device and on a leader board that’s generated for this event BUT it’s not just about the highest jump! Prizes are also up for grabs for things like ‘best wipe out’, ‘most effort’ and ‘most style’. This is a kite event for the masses, come and have some fun!


Many riders already own a WOO devise or have access to borrowing one from a friend, this would be ideal. We have a limited number of devices available for riders to use for the event and so as well as encouraging people to bring their own or borrow from friends we’ve begged WOO to offer a discounted purchase price for anyone wishing to take part.

When registering please specify whether you’ll be bringing a WOO, wish to borrow or wish to purchase at a discounted rate through an official WOO sales agent.

How to Register

You can register by emailing: luke@kitesurfkings.com or via the Kitesurfkings Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kitesurfkings-49768482828/ and login to the event. If it’s the day of the event and you’re only just checking this out now, where have you been? Pop over to the Kitesurfkings stand (pitch number 32 to the right/east upon entering Entrance Gate 4) and we’ll see what we can sort out for you.

Safety & Rules

They’ll be beach and water support but everyone should be fully independent, be able to self rescue effectively and have their own insurance. Everyone needs to launch and land from the designated spot. Regular rules on the water. No jumping over other riders, unless with prior agreement but high fives are encouraged. You can ride for as little or as long as you wish between 14.30 and 16.30.

If you’ve got one of the Kitesurfkings crew pointing at you continuously then come back to the beach, this could be for bad behaviour but it’s more likely that we need to switch over a WOO if you’ve borrowed it as we’ve limited number of devices; obviously if you’ve brought your own this doesn’t apply.


Star prize is a brand new 2017 CrazyFly Raptor complete! Over £650 of dreamy kite board that any intermediate to advanced rider would be blessed to own. We’ve also got a 2017 NP 3D harness up for grabs, which is a lush waist harness that retails for over £200 and loads of other prizes to give away from CrazyFly, Cabrinha and Kitesurfkings.


How much does it cost to enter?

It’s free baby! I know, how good’s that?! Both the Jump Comp and Paddle entrance are free. What we would ask, not that you wouldn’t already be doing so, is that you dig deep in your pockets and give to charity over the Paddle w’end. There are collection buckets on each entrance.

Want to enter but also enjoy Paddle without lugging kit around?

Yeah, fair enough, maybe you’ve not been able to park near by or came down on the train and know that carrying all your kit around will be a mission then you could stash it at the Kitesurfkings stand (pitch number 32 to the right/east upon entering Entrance Gate 4). It’ll be at your own risk but they’ll be people around all day.

Which kite to use?

Come off it… you know how to kite, it’s up to you what you ride. If you’re unsure about wind on the day then pack um all.

What if there’s no wind

Then you’ll hear the music better and probably spend more time at the bar.

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