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Exclusive! 10 Best Ocean Kayaks That Experts Adore (2024)

By: Dave Samuel
Updated On: May 1, 2024

As a seasoned kayaker and writer, I’ve explored the capabilities of numerous kayaks, but the 2024 lineup truly stands out. Whether you’re a novice paddler or a seasoned explorer, these top 10 ocean kayaks offer a blend of stability, efficiency, and features tailored to enhance your paddling experience.

The Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140, for instance, adapts seamlessly from calm lakes to challenging ocean waves, a versatility that’s hard to find.

Curious about which kayak might best fit your adventurous spirit? Each model has its own strengths, and I’ll guide you through these to help you find your perfect match. Stay tuned to discover how these kayaks compare in real-world conditions.

Here is a Quick Overview of Our Best Ocean Kayaks in 2024

Image Product Price
Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140
Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140
  • Weight Capacity: 550 Pounds
  • Boat Weight: 95 Pounds
  • Length: 14 ft
Perception Expression 11.5
Perception Expression 11.5
  • Weight Capacity: 255 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 44 lbs
  • Length: 11’ 7”
Riot Kayaks Brittany 16.5
Riot Kayaks Brittany 16.5
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 51 lbs
  • Length: 16.5 ft
Oru Kayak Coast XT Foldable Kayak
Oru Kayak Coast XT Foldable Kayak
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 32 lbs
  • Length: 16′ 2”
Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak
Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak
  • Weight Capacity: 360 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 59 lbs
  • Length: 11’5″
Perception Zip 9.5 | Sit on Top Kayak
Perception Zip 9.5 | Sit on Top Kayak
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 45 lbs
  • Length: 9′ 6″
BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak
BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak
  • Weight Capacity: 595 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 68 lbs
  • Length: 12′ 8”
OCEANBROAD V1 Inflatable Sit-in Kayak
OCEANBROAD V1 Inflatable Sit-in Kayak
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 51.7 lbs
  • Length: 13.7 ft
Perception Kayaks Tribe Sit on Top Kayak
Perception Kayaks Tribe Sit on Top Kayak
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 46 lbs
  • Length: 9′ 5″
Old Town Ocean Kayak Malibu | Two Tandem
Old Town Ocean Kayak Malibu | Two Tandem
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
  • Boat Weight: 78 lbs
  • Length: 12 feet

1. Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140

Best Ocean Kayaks: Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialPolyethylene (PE)
Boat Weight95 Pounds
StyleSit on Top Classic
Seating Capacity1 Person
Boat Length14 ft
Weight Limit550 Pounds
StorageStern hatch, Rear storage tank well and covered tank well
Innovative FeaturesPhase 3 AirPro Max Seat, Flex pad OS / Motor Capable, Stern Accessory Mounting, Utility Console

Designed for the avid angler, the Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140 Fishing Kayak boasts a highly walkable and stable deck, making it perfect for your next fishing adventure.

The kayak includes a patented suspension-style seat that guarantees all-day comfort, crucial for those long hours on the water. You won’t have to worry about bringing along all your gear, as this kayak offers maximum storage with a stern hatch, rear storage tank well, and a covered tank well in front.

Plus, with adjustable keepers XL footbraces and SlideTrax for easy accessory customization, you’re set for a premium fishing experience. You’ll find its open design highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to any fishing environment.

Best For: Anglers seeking a stable, customizable kayak with ample storage for extended fishing trips.


  • High stability and walkability on the deck enhances fishing safety and mobility.
  • Adjustable features like the suspension-style seat and XL footbraces ensure comfort and personalization.
  • Generous storage options including multiple tank wells and a stern hatch to carry all necessary gear.


  • The kayak’s substantial weight may make it difficult for one person to lift and transport.

2. Perception Expression 11.5

Best Ocean Kayaks: Perception Expression 11.5
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialHigh Grade Polyethylene (PE)
Boat Weight44 lbs
StyleSit inside Kayak
Seating Capacity1 Person
Boat Length11’ 7”
Max Capacity255 lbs
Innovative FeaturesPremium Comfort, Ultimate Support, Versatile Handling, Maximum Storage & Flotation

If you’re seeking a kayak that combines comfort with performance, the Perception Expression 11.5 is an excellent choice for your water adventures. Crafted in the USA, this sit-inside kayak features an adjustable, cushioned ergonomic seat, ensuring you’re comfortable and well-supported on long paddles.

The quick-adjust footrests cater to paddlers of various heights, while the spacious dry storage keeps your gear safe and dry. With its lightweight yet durable polyethylene construction and a five-year warranty, the Perception Expression 11.5 stands out as a reliable option for both novice and experienced kayakers.

Its easy-entry cockpit is compatible with a spray skirt, enhancing dryness in choppy waters. The retractable skeg offers versatile maneuverability, ensuring straight tracking across different water types.

Best For: Enthusiasts and casual paddlers seeking a comfortable, performance-oriented kayak for diverse water conditions.


  • Adjustable, cushioned ergonomic seat and quick-adjust footrests enhance comfort and fit for various body sizes.
  • Retractable skeg improves maneuverability and tracking in different water environments.
  • Durable polyethylene construction and a five-year warranty assure long-term reliability and satisfaction.


  • Some customers reported issues with delivery and damaged items upon arrival.

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3. Riot Kayaks Brittany 16.5

Best Ocean Kayaks: Riot Kayaks Brittany 16.5
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialPolyethylene (PE)
Boat Weight51 lbs
StyleSit inside Kayak
Seating Capacity1 Person
Boat Length16.5 ft
Maximum Weight Capacity350 lbs
Included ComponentTrack-rite skeg & pilot rudder steering combo

You’ll find the Brittany 16.5 Flatwater Touring Kayak ideal if you’re seeking a kayak that blends speed, stability, and advanced navigational features for your sea adventures. Crafted by Riot Kayaks, this model is designed to excel in open water, measuring 16.5 feet long and weighing 51 pounds.

It’s made from durable polyethylene, ensuring it withstands the rigors of frequent use. You’ll appreciate the retractable skeg and pilot rudder system, which enhance your control, especially in windy conditions.

The kayak also features a custom-fit seating system that, despite some initial challenges, has been updated for better comfort and adjustability. With a capacity for one person, it’s perfect for solo expeditions where performance and maneuverability are key.

Best For: Sea kayaking enthusiasts seeking a high-performance, stable, and feature-rich solo kayak.


  • Advanced navigational aids including a retractable skeg and pilot rudder system for enhanced control.
  • Constructed with durable polyethylene material suitable for frequent use in challenging conditions.
  • Positive user feedback on stability, speed, and handling in open water.


  • Initial challenges with the comfort and adjustability of the seating system.

4. Oru Kayak Coast XT Foldable Kayak

Best Ocean Kayaks: Oru Kayak Coast XT Foldable Kayak
Image Source: Amazon
Material5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene
Item Weight32 lbs
Seating Capacity1 Person
Boat Length16′ 2”
Maximum Weight Capacity400 lbs
Assembly Time10 to 15 minutes
Water Level SupportHeavy Surf

Ideal for the daring explorer, the Oru Kayak Coast XT Foldable Kayak guarantees stability and durability even in harsh waters. It’s crafted from 5 mm double-layered polypropylene, ensuring it withstands rough conditions.

However, be cautious as some users have reported safety issues, like difficulty in pumping out water, which might pose a risk in challenging sea conditions. It’s recommended for use in lakes and calm waters, where you won’t face swells or strong winds.

While it’s on the pricier side, its portability and unique handling might justify the cost for the right user. You’ll find it surprisingly lightweight at 32 lbs, making it a breeze to carry and store. Plus, you can set it up in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Best For: Adventurous paddlers seeking a portable and lightweight kayak for calm waters and easy transport.


  • Lightweight design at 32 lbs, easy to carry and store.
  • Quick assembly in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Made from durable 5 mm double-layered polypropylene.


  • Reported safety issues in harsh sea conditions, including sinking.

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5. Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak

Best Ocean Kayaks: Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak
Image Source: Amazon
Boat Weight59 lbs
Seating Capacity1 Person
Maximum Weight Capacity360 lbs
StorageThree molded-in cup holders, Splash-resistant dry hatch
Additional FeaturesAirGo molded-in seat with seat pad and adjustable backrest, Deck Bungee, Straight-tracking hull, etc.

Designed for the thrill-seeker, the Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak offers unmatched stability and ample storage, making it a top choice for adventurous paddlers. Constructed from durable polyethylene, it withstands rough handling and supports up to 360 pounds.

You’ll find comfort in its AirGo molded-in seat and adjustable backrest, and the multiple foot wells guarantee a perfect fit regardless of your height. However, you should note that despite its robust build and comfort, several users have reported issues with tracking.

This might affect your experience if you’re planning to navigate through challenging waters. Before making your decision, consider exploring other models like the Perception TRIBE 11.5, which boasts better tracking capabilities.

Best For: Enthusiastic recreational kayakers looking for stability and ample storage in calmer waters.


  • Robust polyethylene construction ensures durability and a high weight capacity of 360 pounds.
  • Features like an AirGo molded-in seat and multiple foot wells enhance comfort and fit for various body sizes.
  • Includes convenient amenities such as cup holders, paddle rests, and a QuickStash dry hatch for storage.


  • Several users have reported issues with tracking, which could impair maneuverability in more challenging water conditions.

6. Perception Zip 9.5 | Sit on Top Kayak

Best Ocean Kayaks: Perception Zip 9.5 | Sit on Top Kayak
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialPolyethylene (PE)
Seating Capacity1 Person
StyleSit on Top Kayak
Boat Weight45 lbs
Boat Length9′ 6″
Weight Limit250 lbs
StorageA large Rear open storage area with bungee cord
Ideal forLakes, Ponds, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal environments.

If you’re seeking a kayak that combines stability and storage, the Perception Zip 9.5 is an excellent choice for adventurous paddlers. Crafted in the USA, this sit-on-top kayak can handle up to 325 lbs, making it perfect for various water activities.

It weighs only 41 lbs, so it’s easy to transport and maneuver. The kayak includes features like a center cup holder, self-draining scupper holes, and a spacious rear storage area secured with bungee cord lashes. The vibrant Blaze color adds visibility on the water, enhancing safety.

Additionally, the kayak’s polyethylene construction promises durability, backed by a five-year warranty on the hull and deck. Whether you’re cruising lakes or fishing, the Zip 9.5 offers reliability and convenience.

Best For: Adventurous paddlers looking for a lightweight, stable kayak with ample storage and high visibility on the water.


  • Stable and lightweight design, ideal for various water activities.
  • Spacious rear storage area with bungee cord lashes for securing gear.
  • Durable polyethylene construction with a five-year warranty on hull and deck.


  • Additional accessories like comfortable seats may need to be purchased separately.

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7. BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

Best Ocean Kayaks: BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialRoto Molded single Piece High density Polyethylene
Seating Capacity1 Person – Sit on Top
Boat Weight68 lbs
Boat Length12′ 8”
Weight Limit595 lbs
Loaded Accessories2 soft padded seats, 2 adjustable aluminum paddles, 2 waterproof hatches, 6 built in rod holders, 2 paddle parks, and 1 bungee cargo

For adventurous paddlers seeking a versatile experience, the BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak comes equipped with all the essentials, including paddles and multiple rod holders. Ideal for family outings or fishing expeditions, this kayak features two soft padded seats, ensuring comfort throughout your journey.

It’s crafted from Roto Molded single-piece high-density polyethylene, providing exceptional stability and balance in various water conditions. You’ll find ample storage with dual watertight hatches and a rear cargo space secured by a bungee cord, making it easy to stow your gear safely.

With a weight capacity of up to 595 lbs, it’s robust enough for two paddlers and their equipment. This kayak is a top choice for both recreational and sportive users, offering reliability and functionality on the water.

Best For: Families and anglers seeking a stable, comfortable, and versatile kayak for both recreational and fishing activities.


  • Includes comprehensive accessories like 2 seats, 2 paddles, and multiple rod holders for a ready-to-go fishing experience.
  • Features dual watertight storage hatches and a spacious rear cargo area with bungee cord for secure gear storage.
  • Crafted with Roto Molded high-density polyethylene for enhanced stability and durability in various water conditions.


  • May be bulky and heavy for some users to transport and store.

8. OCEANBROAD V1 Inflatable Sit-in Kayak

Best Ocean Kayaks: OCEANBROAD V1 Inflatable Sit-in Kayak
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialReinforced Laminated PVC
Seating Capacity2
Boat Weight51.7 lbs
Boat Length13.7 ft
Weight Capacity500 lbs
Included Components‎kayak seat, footrest, hand pump, directional fin, duffel bag, repair kit (wrench & patch), manual, 86in/220cm kayak paddle

You’ll often find that the OCEANBROAD V1 Inflatable Sit-in Kayak Kit, with its high-density drop-stitch core for added rigidity, is the top pick for adventurous paddlers seeking stability and comfort on the water.

It’s crafted from durable PVC and boasts a foldable design, making it easy to carry in the included duffel bag. With a weight capacity of 395 pounds and seating for two, you and a partner can explore waterways with ease.

The kayak features a three-chamber construction, enhancing safety by guaranteeing it remains afloat even if one chamber is compromised. Plus, the padded EVA seats and footrests ensure you’re comfortable throughout your journey. Whether you’re fishing or simply paddling, this kayak’s stability and quality construction won’t let you down.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts and couples looking for a stable, portable, and easy-to-use kayak for recreational activities and fishing.


  • High-density drop-stitch construction offers increased rigidity and durability.
  • Foldable design with included duffel bag enhances portability and ease of transport.
  • Three-chamber safety construction ensures the kayak remains buoyant if one chamber is compromised.


  • Some users find the seats uncomfortable, suggesting a need for improved seat design.

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9. Perception Kayaks Tribe Sit on Top Kayak

Best Ocean Kayaks: Perception Kayaks Tribe Sit on Top Kayak
Image Source: Amazon
ConstructionRoto-molded igh-tech polymer
Seating Capacity1
StyleSit On Top
Boat Weight46 lbs
Boat Length9′ 5″
Weight Capacity300 lbs
StorageA molded-in cup holder and center hatch with built-in bag, front and rear compartments
Water typeSlow-moving rivers; flat-water lakes and ponds; coastal waters with light waves

Explore the waters with the Perception Kayaks Tribe 9.5, an ideal choice for adventurous paddlers seeking a lightweight, maneuverable sit-on-top kayak. Weighing just 46 pounds and boasting an array of features, this kayak is a standout in stability and ease of use.

Whether you’re traversing lakes or rivers, its 300-pound weight limit and roomy dimensions provide you with ample space for both relaxation and gear.The Tribe 9.5 doesn’t just offer comfort with its adjustable framed seat and multiple molded footrests; it excels in practicality too.

You’ll find large storage areas secured with bungee tie-downs perfect for your supplies, while the open deck design makes getting in and out a breeze. Plus, transporting it’s effortless, thanks to its multiple carry handles. Get ready to glide through water with unmatched ease and confidence.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, stable, and easy-to-maneuver kayak for recreational use.


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport and handle.
  • Adjustable framed seat and multiple footrests offer superior comfort and support.
  • Large storage areas with bungee tie-downs provide ample space for gear.


  • Limited color options may not appeal to all users.

10. Old Town Ocean Kayak Malibu | Two Tandem

Best Ocean Kayaks: Old Town Ocean Kayak Malibu | Two Tandem
Image Source: Amazon
ConstructionPolyethylene (PE)
Seat StyleSit On Top
Seating Capacity2
Boat Weight78 lbs
Boat Length12 feet
Weight Capacity375 lbs
StorageDry Hatch, Open bow and stern tankwell

If you’re seeking a kayak that balances stability and space for family excursions, the Old Town Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Kayak stands out with its ultra-stable design and ample seating for two adults and a small child or pet.

It features a stackable design and a QuickStash Dry Hatch to keep your gear dry. You’ll appreciate the open bow and stern tankwell with bungees for additional storage. Each seat has a large cup holder, and the YakLock Locking Bar adds security.

The patented overlapping foot wells guarantee everyone can brace comfortably, making it ideal for a day on the water. Whether you’re cruising calm rivers or coasting along ocean shores, this kayak’s practical features and sturdy build offer a reliable paddling experience.

Best For: Families or couples looking for a stable and spacious kayak for leisure paddling and adventure.


  • The stackable design makes storage more manageable and convenient.
  • Features a QuickStash Dry Hatch for reliable waterproof storage of valuables and equipment.
  • Includes a YakLock Locking Bar for added security when not in use.


  • Weighing 80 pounds, it may be heavy for some to transport and maneuver.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ocean Kayaks for 2024

When you’re choosing an ocean kayak, several key factors must be considered to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience.

It’s important to look at kayak stability, which is vital for handling ocean currents, and maneuverability, which affects how easily you can steer in various water conditions.

Additionally, you’ll need to think about the kayak’s weight and portability, especially if you plan to transport it frequently.

Kayak Stability Essentials

Understanding the basics of kayak stability is essential when selecting an ocean kayak for different activities. The hull design, width, and weight distribution have a substantial impact on how stable the kayak feels in water.

Wider kayaks typically offer better initial stability, making them a great choice for beginners or for activities like fishing where you might move around more. However, narrower kayaks excel in secondary stability, preferred for rough waters or long-distance touring.

It’s important to take into account what you’ll use the kayak for as this influences the type of stability you’ll need. Additionally, accessories like tracking fins and rudders can improve stability, helping you manage better in various water conditions.

Maneuverability Factors

While stability in ocean kayaks is important, maneuverability also plays a key role in choosing the right model for your adventures. I always look at the kayak’s hull design first, the rocker profile and chine shape have a big impact on how easily the kayak can turn and handle various water conditions.

Kayaks with adjustable skegs or rudders are a game-changer as they greatly enhance tracking and maneuvering capabilities, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

I’ve found that sit-on-top kayaks, with their wider beam, offer better maneuverability, which is great for more casual or recreational outings. Also, consider how the kayak responds to edging and turning; a more responsive kayak can significantly improve your experience in different waters.

Weight and Portability

One important factor to keep in mind when choosing an ocean kayak is its weight, as this greatly impacts both portability and ease of handling. Lighter kayaks are definitely easier to transport, which is a huge plus if you often venture out solo and have to manage loading and unloading by yourself. It’s essential to pick a kayak that you can comfortably lift.

Additionally, easier storage is another perk of going light. When shopping, I always look for models with ergonomic handles or enhanced carry systems; these features make a world of difference in maneuverability on land. Always check the kayak’s material since it influences weight while avoiding discussions on durability for now.

Durability Concerns

When selecting an ocean kayak, it’s vital to contemplate durability factors such as material robustness and construction quality to guarantee it withstands the rigors of sea paddling.

Polyethylene (PE), commonly used in these kayaks, offers excellent durability, resisting UV rays and impacts effectively.

I also look for models with overlapping foot wells, which enhance structural integrity, especially in tandem kayaks.

It’s important to opt for kayaks with reinforced hull designs that can endure rough waters and unexpected impacts.

Additionally, evaluating the weight capacity and load limit ensures the kayak holds up under the stress of intended use.

Price Considerations

Factors like material, size, and added features greatly impact the cost of ocean kayaks. For example, high-quality polyethylene kayaks are generally more expensive but offer better durability and performance.

If you’re eyeing features like extra storage, adjustable seating, or advanced tracking systems, be prepared to pay a bit more. The size also plays a role; tandem kayaks usually cost more than solo models.

It’s smart to compare prices across different brands and models to sniff out the best deal. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best value.

Consider how the kayak’s features and material quality match up with your paddling needs and budget. That way, you won’t overspend for bells and whistles you won’t use.


Choosing the right ocean kayak in 2024 is all about factoring in the kayak’s features to match your adventure style. Whether you’re fishing with the Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140, exploring in the Brittany 16.5, or paddling with a friend in the BKC TK181, there’s a kayak for every preference.

Don’t overlook factors like durability, comfort, and storage options. With the right kayak, you’re set for countless thrilling journeys on the water. Happy paddling!

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