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SUP Yoga Attire for Maximum Comfort and Unrivaled Style

By: Dave Samuel
Updated On: November 23, 2023

As a fitness enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends to blend fun and exercise in an exciting way, and that’s exactly where SUP Yoga comes in. As a delightful fusion of yoga on a paddleboard, it combines the relaxing spirituality of yoga with the exhilaration of being out on the water.

What makes this experience even more enjoyable is wearing the right SUP Yoga attire – apparel that’s not just functional during those down dogs or warrior poses but also fashionable to flaunt my style amidst nature.

In practice, choosing my own comfortable paddleboard yoga outfits has become part art, part science. There’s something so liberating about donning clothes that are designed to move with your body while performing complex yoga poses – all while ensuring you’re looking your best self when out there on your board.

Here’s What You’ll Discover From This Article:

  • The rising trend and benefits of SUP Yoga.
  • Why specific SUP Yoga attire is crucial for optimal performance and style.
  • Tips to select stylish yoga clothing that provides ease of movement.
  • Comparisons between wearing leggings or shorts for this aquatic practice.
  • Insights on rash guards and top importance in SUP Yoga attire.
  • Shopping advice to help you pick out materials ideal for varying weather conditions.
  • Maintenance tips for keeping your fashionable yet functional gear in prime condition.

SUP Yoga: The Ultimate Fusion of Fitness and Fun

When choosing what to wear for SUP yoga, it’s important to prioritize comfort and functionality. Opt for clothing that allows for ease of movement, quick-drying materials, and a secure fit that won’t ride up or slip down when you’re in the water.

SUP Yoga attire

Don’t forget to consider sun protection, as you’ll be spending time outdoors. With the right attire, you’ll not only look fabulous, but you’ll also be able to fully enjoy and embrace the unique and exhilarating experience of SUP yoga.

A Whole New World of Fitness

When I first tried stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga, I was in awe. This dynamic fusion combines the tranquility of yoga with the thrill of paddleboarding, and participants are flocking to it like seagulls to a chip. Why, you ask? Let me fill you in on the many benefits that have me hooked:

  • Full Body Workout: SUP Yoga is a unique form of exercise that requires core strength for stability, arm power for paddling, and leg strength for maintaining balance. You might not notice it immediately, but trust me – your body will feel it the next day!
  • Improves Balance: Staying upright on a floating board while striking a yoga pose is no easy task! It engages not just physical but also mental concentration, enhancing your balancing skills considerably.
  • Boosts Mental Health: There’s something about being out in nature that soothes the soul. Add in mindfulness-based movements of yoga, and you’ve got yourself an effective stress-relieving activity.

Now, knowing how insanely amazing SUP yoga is, one might wonder about what to wear while doing those fixed-firm poses or warrior sequences on water. That brings us to our main focus here – SUP Yoga attire. Stylish yoga clothing definitely earns extra brownie points amongst fellow yogis, but let’s not forget comfort is key too when choosing your outfit for this water sport.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga has been gaining popularity over the years not just because it’s cool – (seriously though – who wouldn’t want their workout pictures clicked against such spectacular backdrops), but also because it presents an intriguing challenge even for seasoned practitioners by introducing an element of instability – i.e., water underneath your board. Dressing up in functional yet fashionable SUP Yoga attire can enhance this experience manifold.

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Choosing the Perfect SUP Yoga Attire

When embarking on a fitness journey, it’s crucial to find the right gear that compliments both your physical abilities and personal style. Trying to strike that balance becomes even more critical when you delve into an intense exercise such as SUP Yoga. To get insights on maintaining a good balance between fitness and style, consider visiting Mayo Clinic.

The Need for Specific Attire

The importance of specialized SUP Yoga attire is two-fold: function and style. As its name suggests, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga blends the practices of yoga with stand-up paddleboarding. This fusion poses some unique requirements for what to wear.


  • Ease of Movement: Your clothing needs to allow you enough flexibility to perform various poses without resistance or discomfort.
  • Water-Friendly: Your outfit should be quick-drying as it’s inevitable that you’ll get wet at some point during your session.
  • Sturdiness: The outfit should stay put regardless of your movements – floating in the water and changing positions can easily disrupt loose or ill-fitting clothing.

Style considerations:

  • Confidence boost: Trust me, when I feel good in my outfit, I feel more confident doing my poses. Dressing in a stylish manner gives me the extra push I need on days when motivation is low.
  • Express Individuality: Stylish yoga clothing allows us to express our individual style while participating in a communal activity.

Comfort Meets Style

Quality and appearance are not mutually exclusive – striking a balance between comfort and style is possible when choosing the perfect SUP Yoga attire! Here are some elements to consider:

Comfort features:

  • Breathable material ensures heat escape while maintaining warmth during cooler days.
  • Proper fit – too loose can lead to revealing moments (especially mid-pose), and tighter wear restricts movement. Pro-tip from me – choose clothes with a ‘four-way stretch.’ These materials provide optimum flexibility while ensuring the clothes maintain their shape after use.

Style features:

  • Color coordination: Mindfully coordinating the color of my leggings, tops, and even my paddleboard brings me joy, knowing I look put together on the water.
  • Design details: Small, comfort-minded design elements can enhance style – consider cut-outs, mesh inserts, and fun prints to elevate a basic SUP Yoga outfit.

Remember, it’s not about following trends but finding comfortable paddleboard yoga outfits that you love and feel your best in!

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Recommended Types of SUP Yoga Attire

Choosing the right book for a long flight is essential. Likewise, having the appropriate SUP Yoga attire can either make or break your experience on the water. Because let’s face it, no one wants to worry about adjusting their clothes when they’re balancing on a paddleboard trying to transition into a Warrior III. Here, we’ll dive deep into the waters of leggings vs shorts rash guards, and tops.

Leggings vs Shorts

When it comes to deciding between leggings and shorts, you might feel stuck in high tide. Both offer unique perks that cater to different individuals’ comfort and styles.

  • Leggings: With the vast selection of stylish yoga clothing out there, choosing leggings as part of your comfortable paddleboard yoga outfits seems like a no-brainer for many yogis. They offer full coverage, which means less skin exposure to both sunlight and water splashes. Plus, they provide ample flexibility with movement – ideal for transitioning from a Downward-Facing Dog into an Upward-Facing Dog without hitching fabric in between poses. Within this category, choose high-waisted options for more coverage during inversions (headstands anyone?). Go for any vibrant design or color that calls out to you because, remember we’re dressing for success in SUP Yoga too!
  • Shorts: On those scorching summer days when you’re itching just at the thought of wearing pants no matter how stretchy m- shorts come as manna from heaven. While not offering as much skin protection as leggings do, shorts definitely score higher on breathability down dogging under extreme heat. Look out for options with ties or drawstrings—this helps ensure your shorts stay put even in intense routines amidst gentle waves.

So at close quarters — are leggings more comfortable & stylish than their counterpart? Both are champions — each offering comfort and style but suiting different needs.

Rash Guards and Tops

While we have successfully navigated through the leggings vs shorts debate, let’s move to the upper half of our bodies because, remember, functional yet fashionable SUP Yoga attire involves your whole get-up.

  • Rash Guards: It’s no surprise why rash guards top the list in SUP Yoga attire. They offer legit protection against not just sunburn but also friction burns when you come off your paddleboard too fast (hey, it happens!). Look out for long-sleeved variants for maximum sun protection. And if you’re someone with sensitive skin or prone to chafing—a rash guard should be your go-to!
  • Tops: Conventionally comfortable and available in a million designs depends on personal preference more than functionality. If comfort means letting the wind breeze over your skin for you – tops are your safest bet. Opt for ones that hug your body snugly to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions mid-pose. Despite being less protective than rash guards, they do allow more freedom of movement and are generally more aesthetically pleasing!

Balancing between style and comfort? Dressing for success in SUP Yoga doesn’t really mean compromising on one over another.

So whether it’s a flowy-top-paired-with-tight-shorts day or a long-sleeve-rash-guard-with-colorful-leggings kind of morning — remember as long as you’re comfortable doing downward dog while floating on water — You’re all set to roll (out your yoga mat on the paddleboard!).

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Shopping Tips for Your Perfect SUP Yoga Attire

When it comes to selecting the perfect SUP Yoga Attire, a few crucial factors come into play. Selecting the right gear can tremendously impact your comfort level and overall yoga experience, so let’s take you through some key shopping tips to ensure you make the best decisions.

Checking Material

The fabric of your SUP Yoga attire matters a lot. High-quality materials that are durable, comfortable, and quick-drying make an absolute difference when performing poses on a paddleboard.

  • Breathability: Look for fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and keep moisture at bay. Such materials reduce skin irritations and chafing and leave you feeling fresh throughout your session.
  • Stretchability: A little stretch goes a long way in yoga clothing. Fabrics with a blend of spandex offer ample stretch needed for moving freely while performing those challenging asanas flawlessly.
  • Quick-Dry: It’s essential to go for quick-dry fabrics when shopping for your perfect SUP Yoga attire. You wouldn’t want clothing that remains wet and soggy throughout the session or even after it, making you feel uncomfortable or catch cold easily. Microfiber or performance synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester serve this purpose well.

Considering Weather

The weather condition is another key aspect to consider while shopping for SUP yoga attire:

  • Sunny days: For scorching beach days with high humidity levels, light-colored clothing made from natural fibers like cotton could be ideal due to its breathability and ability to reflect sunlight.
  • Cooler months: During cooler months, go for thicker garments made from synthetic materials like neoprene, which provide warmth without sacrificing flexibility.

Rash guards with longer sleeves could also be handy during this time as they provide an additional layer of protection against cool winds without limiting mobility.

In rainier seasons or colder climates where hypothermia can become an issue, a waterproof or neoprene suit can be lifesaving.

Remember, the perfect SUP yoga attire doesn’t just mean dressing well; it’s also about dressing smartly considering the weather and overall conditions you’ll be practicing in!

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Washing and Maintaining Your Perfect SUP Yoga Attire

Just as crucial as finding the right SUP yoga attire is learning how to correctly wash and maintain them. This ensures that your stylish yoga clothing stays fresh, vibrant, and durable for many yoga sessions to come.

Washing and Maintaining Your Perfect SUP Yoga Attire

Suitable detergents

Choosing the right detergent for your SUP Yoga attire is an essential step in preserving their quality and colors.

  • Sensitive Detergent: I recommend using a mild or sensitive skin detergent that does not contain harsh chemicals that could damage your functional yet fashionable SUP Yoga attire’s fabric over time.
  • Color-Safe Detergent: Additionally, maintaining the radiant hues of your comfortable paddleboard yoga outfits requires a detergent labeled safe for colors. This will help to brighten colors while effectively cleaning without causing fading.
  • Natural alternatives: If you prefer natural alternatives, a combination of white vinegar and baking soda can be quite effective. Vinegar dissolves odors, while baking soda cleans and brightens fabrics. However, don’t overdo this alternative method; too much vinegar can weaken fabric fibers.

Drying Methods

After properly washing your stylish yet comfortable paddleboard yoga outfits, using correct drying methods is just as critical in sustaining their lifespan.

  • Air-Drying Method: Though it may take longer than machine drying, air-drying helps maintain the shape of your dress for success in SUP Yoga wear. It prevents shrinking or stretching that might occur in a heated dryer cycle.
  • Laying Flat: For some items like rash guards or tops with built-in bras/supports, laying them flat to dry after washing can prevent stretching out.
  • Avoid Direct Sun: While air-drying outside has its benefits (for instance – fresh scent), do not leave them under direct sunlight. Overexposure can lead to color fade – especially black or dark-colored clothing!

Maintaining the quality of your SUP Yoga attire doesn’t have to be grueling with these tips. Remember: proper care for your dress can directly influence your comfort and style on the SUP board.

Satisfaction in yoga sessions starts from dressing perfectly, performing yoga admirably, and knowing how to keep your clothes in top-notch condition.


What should I wear for my first SUP Yoga session?

A comfortable attire that allows easy movement is ideal for your first SUP Yoga session. Opt for quick-dry fabrics like nylon or polyester, and choose a well-fitted rash guard with either shorts or leggings.

Do I need special shoes or slippers for SUP Yoga?

Typically, SUP Yoga is practiced barefoot to maintain a better grip on the board. So, there’s usually no need for special shoes or slippers.

Where can I find stylish yet comfortable SUP Yoga attire?

Many sports brands and yoga-specific clothing lines offer stylish and functional SUP Yoga attire. Online shopping platforms also provide a wide variety of options to choose from.

How should I select the size of my SUP yoga attire?

Always refer to the size chart provided by each brand while ensuring comfort and ease of movement within that size. When in doubt, try ordering one size up to avoid constricted movements.


As an avid SUP Yoga enthusiast, I’ve found that choosing the right SUP Yoga attire greatly impacts my performance and comfort on the paddleboard. My journey to discovering stylish yet comfortable paddleboarding outfits has not been without challenges.

However, through trial and error, I’ve learned essential factors in selecting the perfect attire include considering the clothing material, weather suitability, and maintaining proper care of your gear.

Key Takeaway Points

  1. The importance of choosing functional yet fashionable SUP yoga attire cannot be overstated.
  2. Factors such as quick-dry materials, ease of movement, fit, and weather appropriateness should guide your selection process.
  3. Proper care through suitable detergents and drying methods will ensure your gear lasts longer without losing color or stretching out.

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