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Top Paddle Board Accessories: Essence and Must-Haves in 2024

By: Dave Samuel
Updated On: October 21, 2023

There’s no denying paddle boarding has a compelling charm that draws adventure lovers. If you’re one of those who loves to sway with the waves and crave to unlock the ultimate paddle boarding experience, then enhancing your gear is crucial. Even though a paddle board in itself provides loads of fun, you shouldn’t underestimate the role of paddle board accessories in making your recreations safer and adding more joy.

Have you ever tried riding on your board, and something seemed off? Then let me tell you, adding the right accessories will tip the balance from basic to exceptional! These add-ons will not only elevate your convenience level but also enhance security during unpredictable situations in water adventures. Guess what? We’ve handpicked some vital ones just for you!

What You’ll Get from Here

  • Insight into essential paddle board add-ons
  • Top 9 must-have paddle board accessories
  • Tips on how to choose premium-quality pieces
  • Recommendations on where to buy these essentials
  • Handy maintenance tips for longer-lasting gear longevity

Understanding The Need for Paddle Board Accessories

When it comes to paddleboarding, it’s not just about the board beneath your feet. Each accessory plays a crucial role in enhancing your overall experience, ensuring safety, convenience, and a whole lot of fun on the water. These range from equipment adding to your safety, like Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) and SUP Leashes, to those that boost comfort and ease of commuting, such as carrier straps or carts.

Paddle Board Accessories

Here are some vital reasons why you should consider these paddleboard accessories:

  • Enhanced Safety: Accessories like PFDs and leashes ensure you stay safe if accidents occur while out in the water. If you fall off unexpectedly, these accessories can prevent potential injuries or even save lives!
  • Improved Comfort: If you’re planning a full day of paddle boarding, comfort is paramount. Items like quality sunglasses protect the eyes while adjustable carrier straps ease board transportation.
  • Convenience Factor: From waterproof phone cases and hydration devices to electric SUP pumps for inflatable boards, all contribute towards making your paddling experience more convenient and effortless.
  • Efficient Paddling Sessions: The right paddle can make all the difference in terms of control, balance, and efficiency on water. Prioritizing this accessory can transform any paddle board expedition.

So remember – never underestimate the importance of good-quality paddleboard accessories! They are designed not just for added functionality but also to boost enjoyment during each paddling session. Knowing their significance will help ensure you equip yourself adequately for every boarding journey!

Top 9 Paddle Board Accessories You Should Own

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the sport, having the right paddleboard accessories can make or break your experience on the water. Here are nine must-have items that will enhance your paddle-boarding adventures.

1. PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

The first on our list of vital paddle board accessories is the Personal Flotation Device or PFD. I can’t stress its importance enough. It’s not just a nice-to-have accessory, but it’s essentially a life-saver. Here’s why:

  • Safety: A PFD ensures your safety by providing buoyancy if you accidentally fall off your board.
  • Law Requirement: In many regions, wearing a PFD while paddle boarding is mandatory by law.
  • Convenience: Some modern PFDs come with pockets where you can conveniently store some of your belongings.

To get the best protection, choose a US Coast Guard-approved type III or V device.

2. SUP Leash

Next up is the SUP leash, an essential safety measure for every paddle boarding session.

  • Prevents Separation: The SUP leash attaches to your ankle and prevents you from getting separated from your paddle board in case of unexpected falls.
  • Life Saver: Especially in high tides and currents, the SUP leash gives you something to hold onto.
  • Great Convenience: Easy to attach and remove as per need.

When choosing a SUP leash, consider one that has good durability and strength; also, make sure it has a comfortable strap.

3. Carrier Straps or Carts

Transporting your hefty paddle board can be quite cumbersome without the right accessories like carrier straps or carts:

  • Ease Transport: Carrier straps are designed to distribute the weight across both shoulders; carts provide wheel-based mobility. Both significantly ease moving your stand-up paddleboard (SUP) around.
  • Protection: These accessories help protect against possible damage that might occur due to rough handling while transporting.

Selecting between straps or carts really depends on how far away you are from your paddling spot and personal preference based on comfort and convenience.

4. Quality Sunglasses

Quality sunglasses are an easy miss but vital paddle board accessory:

  • UV Protection: Sunglasses equipped with UV protection keep your eyes safe from harmful Sun rays.
  • Better Vision: They reduce glare from water, allowing you better sight.
  • Prevent Eye Strain: Constant exposure to sunlight can cause fatigue or discomfort; sunglasses alleviate this.

Choose polarized eyewear for the best experience. Some sunglasses even come with a strap to ensure they stay on during your adventures!

5. Adequate Hydration (Water)

Staying adequately hydrated while boarding is no joke:

  • Avoid Dehydration Paddleboarding requires vigorous physical activity, which leads to sweating, causing loss of water and salts from the body.
  • Energization: Regular sips of water can help maintain your energy levels for a longer paddling session.

Consider investing in a good quality refillable water container; an insulated one will be able to keep the water cool over extended periods. Some PFD models even have hydration bladder packs built in!

6. A Water-Proof Phone Case

In this digital world, most of us depend on our phones for connection and navigation:

  • Emergency Help: Keeping a phone with you while paddle boarding can be essential for emergencies. You can quickly call for help if needed.
  • Protection: A waterproof phone case protects your phone from water damage.

Choose a high-quality, waterproof phone case that ensures your device’s functionality while keeping it safe and dry. In some cases, even float on water!

7. The Right Paddle

The right paddle takes the paddle boarding experience to the next level:

  • Height: An ideal paddle is tall enough to comfortably reach the water without overuse of effort or poor posture.
  • Weight: Lighter paddles reduce arm fatigue.
  • Materials & Design: Better materials provide added longevity, while ergonomic designs can give superior grip.

A favorite among many paddlers is an adjustable floatable SUP paddle; they’re versatile and less likely to get lost in the drink.

8. Electric SUP Pump (if using an inflatable board)

If you’re sporting an inflatable board, this accessory is a game-changer:

  • Effort Reduction: An electric pump inflates your board quickly without any manual effort!
  • Ideal Pressure: It allows accurate inflation to desired PSI pressure levels, ensuring optimal performance.

Investing in a reliable electric pump can save energy and time before hitting the waters.

9. Efficient Dry Bags and Comfortable Footwear

Last but not least on our list are dry bags and suitable footwear:

Dry Bags

Dry bags are perfect companions for paddlers who want to keep their stuff dry on-board:

  • Waterproof: As their name implies, these bags keep your gear completely dry even when submerged.
  • Variety: Different sizes cater to various storage needs. When buying one, ensure sturdy construction material like PVC tarpaulin or polyurethane-coated nylon for best protection.


Choosing the right footwear can make a whole lot of difference in your performance and comfort:

  • Protection: Protect against sharp underwater objects and rocky shores.
  • Traction: Provide better grip on wet surfaces.
  • Comfort: Ensure comfortable foot positioning on the board.

Consider water shoes or neoprene booties; they offer good protection and quick drying times, making them suitable for paddle boarding.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to paddle board accessories, the temptation may be to load up on lots of gear, especially if you’re just starting out. Yet, while it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer number of possibilities – a multitude of leashes, an array of cool carrier straps, or different types of sunglasses – opting for quality over quantity is always the smarter route.

Choosing Premium Paddle Board Accessories

The advantages of selecting premium paddle board accessories can not be overstated. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Longevity: High-quality gear tends to last longer. You don’t want your SUP leash snapping mid-wave or your inflatable board deflating because it was made with subpar material. Opting for well-made paddle board accessories ensures durability and longevity.
  • Performance: Premium gear tends to enhance performance due to its superior design and craftsmanship compared to its low-grade counterparts.
  • Safety: Particularly with safety-related items like a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), you don’t want to compromise on quality. A reliable PFD could save your life in an emergency situation.

Given these points alone, the choice seems clear: invest in high-grade paddle board accessories that contribute not only towards enriched experiences but also increased safety on the water.

Apart from this, let me share some tips that can help while shopping for your options:

  1. Check Reviews – If purchasing online or even in-store, do take time out to check reviews about the product from other customers.
  2. Test Out – Try before you buy wherever possible, especially with key items like paddles and PFDs.
  3. Brand Matters – Often, trusted brands are synonymous with quality and reliability; they’re popular for a reason!
  4. Seek Expert Opinion – Pop into your local sporting goods store or online forums and speak with seasoned paddlers on their best accessory recommendations.

Remember, the goal isn’t to accumulate plenty of paddle board accessories that may not serve you well but instead to select equipment that enhances your paddling experience and, ultimately, is worth every penny.

Places to Buy Best Paddle Board Accessories

When shopping for the best paddle board accessories, there are multiple avenues you can explore. Each comes with its unique pros and cons, and your choice should align with your specific needs, preferences, and convenience requirements.

Paddle Board Accessories

Online Stores

The advent of the digital age has ushered in online shopping as a popular buying staple. Internet-based platforms offer a wealth of conveniences that physical shops sometimes can’t match:

  • Vast Assortment: Online marketplaces like Amazon host a myriad of paddleboard accessories from various brands across the globe. This variety allows you to compare items based on your preferences and needs.
  • Convenience: You can comfortably shop from wherever you’re at – home, office or even on the go at any time that suits you. This convenience eliminates traveling expenses and hassles associated with moving from one store to another trying to find the perfect accessory.
  • Reviews: One frequent feature of online stores is user reviews. Other shoppers’ honest opinions about their experiences with a product help future buyers make informed decisions.
  • Price Comparison: The online platform enables easy price comparison among different brands or sellers before purchasing.

Nevertheless, when selecting an online store for purchase, it’s essential to verify its credibility by checking customer reviews or getting referrals from trusted people who’ve previously shopped there.

Local Sporting Goods Stores

Alternatively, if you’re someone who appreciates touching merchandise before making a purchase decision (I know I do), local sporting goods stores would be an excellent place for you:

  • Personal Service: Unlike in large online platforms where customer service may feel distant and impersonal, local sporting goods stores provide up-close-and-personal services tailored to each shopper’s individual needs.
  • Subject-Matter Expertise: Store attendants have insightful knowledge about various paddle board accessories – they understand functionalities better than most people as they deal with these items daily.
  • Try Before You Buy: Local stores allow you to feel, fit, or even test some items before purchase. As a result, you know exactly what you’re investing in.
  • Instant Availability: Unlike online shopping, where you have to wait for shipping and delivery, buying from local stores avails your product instantly.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Paddle Board Accessories

We’ve covered the best paddle board accessories you should own and where to find them, but now let’s talk about the long game – properly caring for and maintaining these items. Much like you would with a car or a home, good maintenance helps ensure your paddle board accessories last longer and perform at their best.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your paddle board accessories regularly is an often overlooked but crucial part of maintaining their condition and enhancing their lifespan. Below are some reasons why this factor is critical:

  • Preventing Germ Buildup: These accessories, after all, are continually exposed to water, which may carry germs that could harm our health.
  • Sustaining Performance: Dirt accumulation might temper usage efficiency or damage them earlier than anticipated.
  • Extending Durability: Keeping items clean can prevent undesirable material consequences, such as rust on metal parts of the paddleboard.

Now we know why cleaning is important, let’s look at how it can be done:

  1. Mild Cleaning Solution: Use a mild cleaning solution free from harsh chemicals that may damage materials over time.
  2. Soft Cloth or Sponge: It’s better to use a soft cloth or sponge to gently clean paddle boards without scratching or damaging their surfaces.
  3. Rinse Abundantly: Always rinse thoroughly after washing to prevent build-up from detergent or soap residue.
  4. Air-Drying: Finally, air-dry all parts entirely before storing them away.

Proper Storage

The second half of excellent care involves good storage practices – both right home organization methods for your paddling gear and while you’re out exploring waterscapes with them.

Here’s why:

  • It keeps your valuable gear safe from harm like falling over unevenly due to inappropriate support, causing dents/scratches, or even more significant breakages.
  • It also shelters them from environmental factors that might potentially harm materials, e.g., UV rays or damp environments.

Here’s how you can store your paddle board accessories effectively:

  1. Separate Compartments: Store items separately to avoid damaging collisions.
  2. Ventilated, Cool Environment: Kits should always be placed in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space to prevent fungal growth or excessive heat.
  3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can weaken the structures of some accessories, like inflatable paddle boards and leashes.
  4. Keep Gear Off the Ground: It prevents potential damage from moisture or pests.

By incorporating these simple habits into your routine, you’ll ensure that your paddle board accessories maintain their sparkling sheen and function without hitches for many waterside adventures to come!


What are some must-have paddleboard accessories?

Essentials include a Personal Floatation Device, SUP leash, carrier straps or carts, quality sunglasses, hydration gear, waterproof phone case, suitable paddle, electric pump (for inflatable boards), dry bags, and comfortable footwear.

Are high-end accessories worth it?

Absolutely! Investing in premium quality paddle board accessories ensures better performance and longevity – hence saving on replacement costs in the long run.

Where can I buy quality paddle board accessories?

Quality gear is available at both online stores like Amazon and local sporting goods stores. Both provide a great variety with the added benefit of customer reviews online.

How often should I replace my gear?

The lifespan of your gear depends upon its use and care. Regular cleaning and proper storage ensure extended life. However, any noticeable wear and tear signifies the need for replacement.


As I wrap up this exploration of paddle-board accessories, it’s clear that each one serves a distinct purpose while offering convenience, safety, and an enhanced paddle-boarding experience. Investing in these accessories not only assures a stress-free outing but also extends the lifespan of your paddle board. Although quality may entail a higher upfront cost, in the long run, it can save you from frequent replacements or failed equipment when you need it most. Remember that proper maintenance is key to preserving not only your gear but also your overall paddling experience.

Key Takeaways

  1. Paddleboard accessories significantly enhance safety and convenience.
  2. Opt for high-quality gear to save on long-term costs.
  3. Shop at both online and local sports goods stores for the best variety.
  4. Regular cleaning and proper storage extend the longevity of your accessories.

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