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Top Reasons for Buying a Paddle Board: You Need to Know

By: Dave Samuel
Updated On: October 21, 2023

Are you considering picking up a new hobby or looking for a fun way to stay healthy? Look no further! Buying a paddle board may well be the answer you need. It’s not just another water sport that could help you survive the summer heat, but also an incredible full-body workout machine.

Imagine being out on the water, surrounding yourself with nature’s beauty while building your strength and endurance at your own pace. Sounds like a dream, right? Yet this is exactly what buying a paddle board offers. It is travel-friendly and versatile; whether rocking waves or embracing calm waters, there’s always an adventure waiting with your paddle board.

What You’ll Uncover in This Article;

  • The thrilling advantages of owning your own paddleboard
  • Expert advice on factors to consider when buying that perfect paddleboard
  • Essential gear guide and recommended brands for paddling accessories
  • Common mistakes to dodge when undertaking that important investment of buying a paddle board

Benefits of Buying a Paddle Board

There’s something just so liberating about standing on a floating board, the sun gleaming down on water all around you. The freedom to venture wherever your heart desires is the power that comes from buying a paddle board.

Buying a Paddle Board

Exploring the Natural Environment

One of the key reasons why I love my paddle board is it allows me to intimately explore nature—lakes, rivers, and even oceans— in ways not possible before. The world looks different when you’re out there: every ripple in the water tells a story, and every bird soaring in the sky above embraces you into its vast blue landscape.

  • It’s about losing yourself but then finding yourself amidst all that natural beauty.
  • Navigating through untouched corners of lakes or winding down gentle river currents offers unique experiences.
  • It’s quiet out there; it’s just you and nature’s symphony — a connection so profound I didn’t even know was missing until I was there on my paddle board.

Great Form of Exercise

  • Acts as an immensely effective cardio workout – strengthens core muscles & enhances balance.
  • It caters to everyone from beginners looking for low-impact workouts to athletes seeking high-intensity training.
  • Even at a leisurely pace, paddling helps burn calories while enjoying stunning views!

Access to Water Sports

Now, here comes the fun part: Owning your own paddle board significantly expands your access range when it comes to watersport activities. What used to be limited by equipment availability no longer holds true once you have your own gear:

  • Surfing: Catch waves at dawn or during golden sunsets – paddle boards give added stability, which is great for beginners!
  • Fishing: Trade winds with water; let your line loose over unexplored fishing territories.
  • Yoga: Trade your yoga mat for a paddle board and test your balance on the water – it’s truly transformative!
  • Racing and Touring: Fancy a match or simply wish to traverse along long water courses? Paddle boards are tailor-made for both.

In essence, buying a paddle board opens doors to ample exhilarating adventures that were otherwise unfeasible. Take the reins and navigate yourself towards experiences waiting just beyond the river bend. Should you choose to enlist in this venture, remember it’s not just purchasing an item; buying a paddle board is like procuring an open-ended ticket to the untamed symphony of nature.

Factors Consider When Buying Your Own Paddle Board

Before making the leap and buying a paddle board, there are significant factors you should consider.

Understanding Different Types of Paddle Boards

There is a variety of paddle boards available on the market. Each type is designed for specific uses and conditions. When buying a paddle board, keep in mind the context in which you will use yours:

  • All-around boards – These are versatile pieces that allow an initiation to various activities: cruising, yoga, small wave surfing. A great choice if you’re dipping your toes into the world of paddle boarding.
  • Surfing boards – Specifically designed for wave riding, they are generally smaller and have more rocker (the upturn at the nose) for maneuverability.
  • Touring/racing boards – These slim and elongated shapes allow long-distance travel or fast paddling. They’re perfect if speed or covering vast distances is your primary goal.
  • Yoga boards – With a large deck pad and greater width for stability, Yoga Boards offer an excellent platform for your workout routines on water.

Choosing the Right Size

Size matters when it comes to paddle boards! If too small, they’d be unstable; if too large – they’d be sluggish and difficult to maneuver. Here’s how to choose right:

  • Weight Capacity – This essentially determines how much weight a board can hold before its performance starts getting affected (you + equipment). Always check this before buying a paddle board!
  • Length – As a rule of thumb, longer paddle boards tend to go straighter (good for touring), while shorter ones are more agile (suitable for surfing).
  • Width – Wider models provide more balance but are slower.

Material and Durability Concerns

The material of your paddle board plays an essential role in both its performance qualities and lifespan. Two main types worth considering include:

  • EPS Foam Boards – Lightweight and responsive, they offer high performance but can be a bit fragile.
  • Inflatable boards – These types of paddle boards trade a little bit of performance for superior portability. Plus, they’re nearly indestructible!

When buying a paddle board, consider how often you’ll use your board and in what conditions. If you plan on using it heavily or are likely to run into rocks and other obstacles quite often – durability should be your top priority!

Paddle Board Accessories Worth Investing In

So, you’re considering buying a paddle board? Nice move! But with the excitement of getting your new board, it’s easy to forget about the important accessories that can make your paddling experience even more amazing. Let me walk you through some essential gear and recommended brands that are definitely worth investing in.

Buying a Paddle Board

Essential Gear Guide

When I first started paddleboarding, I quickly realized that having the right equipment made a huge difference in both safety and comfort. Some must-have items include:

  • Adjustable Paddle: Investing in an adjustable paddle is a smart choice because they can be adjusted to fit any height. They’re perfect for sharing among family and friends!
  • Leash: The leash is one of the crucial safety accessories for every paddleboarder. It keeps your board close by whenever you fall into the water.
  • Life Vest: Another essential safety gear is a life vest or inflatable belt pack. These are designed to keep you afloat if you happen to end up overboard unexpectedly. Brands like Onyx Outdoor are known for their reliable inflatable belt packs and life vests designed specifically for water sports enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Inflatable Belt Pack: For those who don’t like wearing life vests due to limited mobility or comfort reasons, an inflatable belt pack can be a good alternative.

Remember, there’s no need to rush out and buy everything at once. You can start with these basics and add more as you get comfortable on your board.

Recommended Brands

From my personal experiences and after doing some research, there are several trusted brands for paddleboarding accessories out there that caught my attention:

  • SurfStow: This brand has got it all when it comes to quality paddling essentials – from adjustable paddles and leashes to convenient storage solutions.
  • Onyx Outdoor: Known for their reliable inflatable belt packs and life vests designed specifically for water sports enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Airhead SUP: They offer high-quality yet affordable stand-up paddleboarding gear such as adjustable paddles, SUP carriers, and safety essentials.
  • Slingshot Sports: A popular choice among many paddleboarders. They offer a diverse collection of paddleboarding accessories catering to various needs and skill levels.

Always remember the right paddleboard accessories can greatly enhance your experience on the water. Next time you decide to buy a paddle board, don’t forget these essential items and trusted brands!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Paddle Board

One important step in buying a paddle board is to avoid common pitfalls. Two often overlooked factors I want to draw attention to are the buyer’s experience level and personal needs. These are key aspects you should consider thoroughly when getting into paddle boarding.

Overlooking Experience Level

Many beginners make the mistake of selecting their first board without giving much thought to their own experience level. Your skill and comfort on the water should greatly influence the style and size of your paddle board.

Here are some points for a beginner paddler:

  • Choosing oversized boards – Big may seem better, especially for stability, but trying to maneuver an oversized board can become frustrating quickly.
  • Selecting advanced design boards – Certain designs cater to specialized activities such as surfing or racing, but they aren’t beginner-friendly due to less stability.
  • Ignoring manufacturer recommendations – Most manufacturers recommend specific boards for beginners, which usually take into account ease of use and safety.

Remember: Start with something that suits your skill level before moving onto more challenging paddle boards. A good rule of thumb is always starting with a learner-friendly model first.

Ignoring Personal Needs

Another common mistake while buying a paddle board is ignoring one’s personal needs and preferences.

Let’s break down how this can impact your selection:

  • Neglecting Stability Requirements: Everyone’s balance varies; what might be “stable” for someone might feel shaky for another person.
  • Overlooking Usage Plan: A silent tour on calm waters has different requirements compared with vigorous surf paddling or yoga practices on board.
  • Forgetting about Transportation and Storage: Consider how you’re going to transport your chosen board from place to place or where it will be stored when not in use before making that final selection – inflatable? Hardboard?

The bottom line is not every paddle board will suit everyone. Your personal needs, from your stability and comfort to your usage plans and even storage capabilities, should all dictate the kind of paddle board you buy. When you’re clear on these issues, only then can you make an informed choice that’s perfect for you.

By being self-aware and realistic about our paddling skills and personal preferences, we can avoid disappointment and find enjoyment in our paddle boarding adventure right from the start. So remember, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to buying a paddle board – finding the right fit means addressing your unique requirements head-on!


What is the best time to buy a paddleboard?

The best time to buy a paddle board is during the off-season, usually in late fall or early winter. You can often find great deals and discounts as stores clear out their inventory.

Are expensive paddle boards worth it?

Yes, generally speaking. More expensive paddle boards are typically built with high-quality materials for durability, performance and longevity. They are worth the investment if you plan on regular usage.

Does brand matter when buying a paddle board?

While a brand doesn’t solely determine quality, established brands are trusted for consistently delivering well-made and durable boards. However, make sure to consider other aspects like material, size and your skill level.


Investing my time and resources into buying a paddle board has given me the privilege of experiencing the best of both worlds: outdoor relaxation and physical fitness. I appreciate how it allows me to explore nature’s beauty while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, buying my own paddle board opened up an entire level of water sports that always seem out of reach: racing, touring, fishing- you name it!

Factors like understanding different types of boards and choosing the right size for your weight and height are essential when buying a paddle board. Having acquired quality accessories from trusted brands also improved my paddling experience significantly.

As much as buying a paddle board is an exciting journey, it’s crucial not to overlook experience levels or ignore personal needs. It all sums up to having remarkable fun on the water.

Key Takeaway Points

  1. Investing in a paddle board offers physical health benefits alongside environmental exploration.
  2. Choosing the right type and size of a paddle board enhances user experience.
  3. Quality accessories from reliable brands improve paddling safety and enjoyment.
  4. It’s crucial not to overlook your experience level or personal preferences when making your selection.

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