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10 Best Kayak Trailers: Effortless Transportation Solutions

By: Dave Samuel
Updated On: May 4, 2024

After extensive review, I’ve ranked the best kayak trailers for 2024, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack stands out with its marine-grade steel and padded carriers, perfect for securing two kayaks.

For solo adventurers, the lightweight Malone EcoLight 1-Boat is a prime pick, featuring easy assembly and efficient transport. Need to haul more?

The Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat supports up to 355 pounds and handles various gear, while the Malone MegaSport Outfitter excels with a 1000 lb capacity and robust three-tier system.

I also recommend the Rambo Bikes Trailer for its e-bike compatibility and padded security. Each model comes with unique strengths fit for specific needs, find out which fits yours best!

Here is a Quick Overview of Our Best Kayak Trailers in 2024

Image Product Price
Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack
Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack
  • Load Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 2
  • Frame Material: Marine-grade galvanized steel
Malone EcoLight 1-Boat
Malone EcoLight 1-Boat
  • Load Capacity: 400 Pounds
  • Kayak Capacity: 1
  • Frame Material: High-grade galvanized steel
Malone Auto Racks MicroSport
Malone Auto Racks MicroSport
  • Load Capacity: 355 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 4
  • Frame Material: High-grade pre-galvanized steel
Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer
Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer
  • Load Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 4 kayaks up to 20′ long
  • Frame Material: Galvanized steel
Rambo Bikes Canoe/Kayak Trailer
Rambo Bikes Canoe/Kayak Trailer
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 1
  • Frame Material: Steel frame
Malone EcoLight 4-Boat Stacker
Malone EcoLight 4-Boat Stacker
  • Load Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 4 Carries Boat up to 14′
  • Frame Material: Marine-grade galvanized steel
Malone MegaSport Outfitter
Malone MegaSport Outfitter
  • Load Capacity: 1000 Pounds
  • Kayak Capacity: Multiple
  • Frame Material: Marine-grade 11 gauge galvanized steel
Bike Kayak Trailer
Bike Kayak Trailer
  • Load Capacity: N/A
  • Kayak Capacity: 2
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
Bonnlo Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
Bonnlo Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
  • Load Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 1
  • Frame Material: Marine-Grade Heat Treated Aluminum
VEVOR Boat Trailer Dolly
VEVOR Boat Trailer Dolly
  • Load Capacity: 420 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 1
  • Frame Material: Carbon steel

1. Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack

Best Kayak Trailers: Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack
Image Source: Amazon
Item Weight145 lbs (without accessories)
Load Capacity400 lbs
Frame MaterialMarine grade galvanized steel
Hitch2″ receiver
Kayak Capacity2
Wheel Diameter8″
Recommended Tire Pressure40 PSI
Length10′ 6″
Cross Bar Spread38.5″ (Fixed)

If you’re seeking a durable and smooth-riding solution for transporting your kayaks, the Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package is an excellent choice. It features a marine-grade galvanized steel frame and heavy-duty axle, designed to handle up to 400 lbs, making it perfect for a pair of recreational kayaks.

The reinforced tongue and skid plate guarantee stability, while the padded V-style carriers protect your kayaks during transit. The trailer is certified for both DOT and Transport Canada, ensuring it meets rigorous safety standards.

You’ll appreciate the powder-coated wheels and fenders that enhance durability and the ease of assembly that gets you on the road quickly.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable and sturdy kayak transport solution that’s built to last and certified for safety.


  • Marine-grade galvanized steel frame ensures long-term durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Certified by both DOT and Transport Canada, providing assurance of safety and reliability.
  • Easy to assemble with detailed instructions available, including helpful online resources like YouTube videos.


  • Maximum speed limit of 65 mph may not be suitable for faster highway travel.

2. Malone EcoLight 1-Boat

Best Kayak Trailers: Malone EcoLight 1-Boat
Image Source: Amazon
Weight Capacity400 Pounds
FrameHigh-grade galvanized steel
Trailer Weight145 lbs
Kayak Capacity1
Wheel Diameter8″
Length10′ 6″

Designed and built in the USA, the Malone EcoLight 1-Boat Kayak Trailer Package is an ideal choice for transporting your medium to large recreational fishing kayak smoothly and securely. Constructed from high-grade galvanized steel, this trailer guarantees durability and longevity.

It features 8 high-speed tires, powder-coated wheels, and molded fenders, designed to enhance your travel experience by providing smooth transportation of your kayak. The overall dimensions and lightweight design make it easy to handle.

You’ll find the assembly process straightforward if all parts are included, though some users have reported missing components and low-quality plastic fenders. Keep an eye out for these issues to ensure a hassle-free assembly and use.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable and easy-to-maneuver trailer for transporting medium to large kayaks.


  • Designed with high-grade galvanized steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Features 8 high-speed tires and powder-coated wheels for smooth transport.
  • Generally easy to assemble with clear instructions and required documentation for registration.


  • Some customers reported receiving the package with missing parts, complicating assembly.

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3. Malone Auto Racks MicroSport

Best Kayak Trailers: Malone Auto Racks MicroSport
Image Source: Amazon
Weight Capacity355 lbs
FrameHigh-grade pre galvanized steel
Kayak Capacity4
Trailer Weight197 lbs
Included ComponentsGalvanized Spare Tire, 4 FoldAway-J Kayak Carriers, Microsport Base Trailer
Frame Dimensions78″ wide x 159″ long
Carries Boat up to19 ft in length

For outdoor enthusiasts needing to transport multiple kayaks, the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat FoldAway-J Kayak Trailer Package offers a robust solution with its capacity to securely hold up to four kayaks. Constructed from marine-grade pre-galvanized steel, it’s built to last and resists rust effectively.

You’ll find it comes with four Malone FoldAway-J Kayak Carriers, ensuring your kayaks are stable and secure during transport. The trailer itself is 159 inches long and 78 inches wide, suitable for kayaks up to 19 feet in length, and it supports up to 355 pounds.

Assembly is straightforward, generally taking 2-3 hours with clear instructions provided. It’s versatile enough to handle various gear types, from bikes to cargo boxes, making it a practical choice for your outdoor adventures.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need to transport multiple kayaks or a combination of kayaks, bikes, and other gear.


  • Durable marine-grade pre-galvanized steel frame ensures longevity and resistance to rust.
  • Includes four Malone FoldAway-J Kayak Carriers for secure transportation of kayaks.
  • Versatile design that accommodates various types of outdoor gear and is compatible with many rack accessories.


  • Assembly requires specific tools like a deep socket wrench, which may not be readily available.

4. Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer

Best Kayak Trailers: Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer
Image Source: Amazon
Weight Capacity800 lbs
Frame MaterialGalvanized steel
Kayak Capacity4 kayaks up to 20′ long
Wheels Size12″
Suitable forkayaks, canoes, cargo boxes and bikes
Axle Size54″ galvanized axle

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a versatile and sturdy solution to transport kayaks, canoes, and bikes will find the Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer an ideal choice. Featuring a galvanized steel frame and 60-inch aluminum cross rails, this trailer supports up to 800 lbs, making it perfect for your various outdoor gear.

It’s compatible with a range of gear carriers and boasts easy assembly, thanks to the detailed instructions included. With 12-inch galvanized wheels, it’s designed for smooth transportation of kayaks, canoes, cargo boxes, and bikes.

The trailer’s solid construction and user-friendly design have earned it high marks in customer reviews, highlighting its convenience and ease of use during outdoor trips. Plus, Malone offers a five-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

Best For: Outdoor adventurers who need a reliable and versatile trailer for transporting kayaks, canoes, and bikes.


  • Supports up to 800 lbs, accommodating a variety of outdoor gear.
  • Easy to assemble with clear, detailed instructions provided.
  • Durable galvanized steel construction with a five-year warranty.


  • Some users suggested improvements for the light kit and license plate holder.

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5. Rambo Bikes Canoe/Kayak Trailer

Best Kayak Trailers: Rambo Bikes Canoe/Kayak Trailer
Image Source: Amazon
Frame MaterialSteel frame
Length10 ft
Kayak Capacity1
Load Capacity300 lbs
Product Weight28 lbs

If you’re looking for a strong solution for transporting your kayak or canoe, the Rambo Bikes Canoe and Kayak Trailer Cart with a 300lbs capacity might just be your best bet. It’s designed with a sturdy steel frame and can extend up to 10 feet, accommodating various canoe sizes.

The padded contact points guarantee your kayak won’t get scratched during transport. You’ll find it’s compatible with all Rambo ebikes, making it a versatile choice if you already own one.

Assembly is a breeze with the included guide, and the ratchet straps and buckles keep your load secure. While some users have noted the need for hitch modification for the best use, overall, feedback highlights its durability and ease of assembly.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable way to transport their kayaks or canoes with an ebike.


  • High capacity of up to 300lbs, suitable for various canoe sizes.
  • Easy to assemble with included instructions and secure with ratchet straps and buckles.
  • Compatible with all Rambo ebikes, enhancing its versatility.


  • Some users reported the need for hitch modification to improve functionality.

6. Malone EcoLight 4-Boat Stacker

Best Kayak Trailers: Malone EcoLight 4-Boat Stacker
Image Source: Amazon
Weight Capacity400 lbs
FrameMarine-grade galvanized steel
Kayak Capacity4 Carries Boat up to 14′
Trailer Weight145 lbs
Total Length10′ 6″

You’ll appreciate the Malone EcoLight 4-Boat Stacker Kayak Trailer Package for its easy assembly and robust marine-grade galvanized steel frame, making it an ideal choice for frequent kayakers.

Its galvanized heavy-duty axle and leaf spring suspension guarantee a smooth ride for your kayaks, whether you’re headed to the lake or the coast. The coated steel load bars are designed to fit most kayak carriers, adding to its versatility.

Despite a few customer issues like a mis-drilled fender and missing bolts, the overall feedback highlights its effectiveness in transporting and storing kayaks. It ranks well among boat trailers, showcasing its reliability and quality.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts and frequent kayakers looking for a durable and versatile solution to transport multiple kayaks.


  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Sturdy marine-grade galvanized steel frame ensures long-lasting use
  • Versatile coated steel load bars compatible with most kayak carriers


  • Issues with mis-drilled fender and missing bolts reported

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7. Malone MegaSport Outfitter

Best Kayak Trailers: Malone MegaSport Outfitter
Image Source: Amazon
Weight Capacity1000 Pounds
Frame MaterialMarine-grade 11 gauge galvanized steel
Kayak CapacityMultiple
Hitch Size2″
Package Includes8″ x 10″ Wheels, Reinforced Tongue, 3-Tier Load Bar, Spare Tyre, Jack, 2″ Coupler, Pre-Tested Electrical System, Pre-Fitted Chassis

Designed for the avid kayaker, the Malone MegaSport Outfitter 3 Tier Kayak Trailer boasts a robust 1000 lb capacity, making it ideal for hauling large boats and gear. Constructed from marine-grade galvanized 11 gauge steel, this trailer guarantees durability and resistance to corrosion.

It features a three-tier load bar system that maximizes space, allowing you to transport multiple kayaks or canoes simultaneously. The trailer includes DOT and Transport Canada approved lighting and tires, guaranteeing it meets safety standards for road use.

You’ll also find a full-size spare tire included, providing peace of mind during long trips. With a five-year limited warranty and made in the USA, you’re investing in a high-quality, reliable product for your outdoor adventures.

Best For: Professional kayakers or outfitters in need of a heavy-duty, multi-kayak transport solution.


  • High 1000 lb capacity suitable for large boats and gear.
  • Durable marine-grade galvanized steel frame ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  • Includes safety features like DOT and Transport Canada approved lighting and tires.


  • High weight of 446 lb may require a powerful towing vehicle.

8. Bike Kayak Trailer

Best Kayak Trailers: Bike Kayak Trailer
Image Source: Amazon
Load CapacityN/A
Frame MaterialAluminum
Kayak Capacity2
StorageStorage compartment and strong tie straps
DurabilityRobust and Reliable, Puncture Proof Wheels

Outdoor enthusiasts seeking versatility in transporting kayaks will find the Bike Kayak Trailer with Bicycle Hitch and Storage Compartment an ideal choice. This robust trailer, designed by Flow Racks, effortlessly connects to your bike or e-bike, allowing you to navigate different terrains without any issues.

Its wide, puncture-proof wheels guarantee a smooth ride, while the sturdy frame can support double kayaks or canoes securely. You’ll appreciate the added convenience of a storage compartment for your gear and tie straps to keep everything in place.

Whether you’re heading to a remote lake or a nearby river, this trailer’s practical features and durable construction make it a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a robust and versatile solution for transporting kayaks or canoes with their bicycle or e-bike.


  • Wide, puncture-proof wheels ensure a smooth and reliable towing experience on various terrains.
  • Includes a convenient storage compartment and tie straps for secure transport of gear and equipment.
  • Durable aluminum construction supports double kayaks or canoes, enhancing its utility for heavier loads.


  • Some users report difficulties with the trailer’s maneuverability on certain terrains.

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9. Bonnlo Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Best Kayak Trailers: Bonnlo Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
Image Source: Amazon
Weight Capacity450 lbs
Frame MaterialMarine-Grade Heat Treated Aluminum
Kayak Capacity1
Wheel size12″
Strap2 x 11.8 ft

If you’re hauling heavy kayaks, the Bonnlo Universal Heavy Duty Kayak Cart, with its 450 lbs weight capacity, provides a robust and reliable solution. It’s built with a sturdy aluminum frame and features adjustable width settings from 6.3 to 18.7 inches, making it versatile for different kayak sizes.

The cart includes a kickstand for easy loading and padded support bars to protect your kayak. Additionally, the 12-inch flat-free wheels guarantee smooth movement across various terrains, whether you’re rolling over sand or gravel.

The cart comes with essential accessories such as straps to secure your kayak and a pump for maintenance. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. With positive reviews focusing on its stability and ease of use, this cart is a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a durable and versatile solution for transporting heavy kayaks across various terrains.


  • High weight capacity of 450 lbs, suitable for large fishing kayaks.
  • Includes useful accessories like straps and a pump, enhancing the overall value.
  • Features 12-inch flat-free wheels for easy and smooth transportation on different surfaces.


  • Some concerns about durability under heavy loads which could impact long-term use.

10. VEVOR Boat Trailer Dolly

Best Kayak Trailers: VEVOR Boat Trailer Dolly
Image Source: Amazon
Frame MaterialCarbon steel
Wheel Size16″ Large-sized Pneumatic Tires
Load Capacity420 lbs
Wheel Base41.3″
Trailer Weight50 lbs

For enthusiasts needing to maneuver their watercraft with ease, the VEVOR Boat Trailer Dolly, which supports up to 420 lbs, proves indispensable. You’ll find its adjustable rod, which extends from 96 to 116 inches, particularly useful for fitting various boat sizes.

The 16-inch pneumatic tires guarantee smooth rolling over different surfaces, whether you’re in a yard, driveway, or a caravan park. Constructed from robust carbon steel and featuring nonslip rubber brackets, this dolly secures your boat firmly, preventing any unwanted movement.

It’s ideal not just for boats but also for kayaks and canoes, enhancing its versatility. Weighing 50 pounds, it’s sturdy yet manageable to handle by yourself, making it a practical choice for solo outings or family trips.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable and easy-to-handle solution for transporting small watercrafts like boats, kayaks, and canoes.


  • Adjustable rod length accommodates different-sized boats.
  • Pneumatic tires ensure smooth transportation over various terrains.
  • Constructed from durable carbon steel with nonslip rubber brackets for added security.


  • Limited to a maximum load capacity of 420 lbs, which may not be suitable for larger boats.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Kayak Trailers

When selecting a kayak trailer, it’s vital to evaluate several key factors that can impact your overall experience.

I’ll now outline considerations like load capacity limits, material durability, and hitch compatibility to make sure you make an informed decision.

Understanding these aspects helps in selecting a trailer that not only fits your kayak but also suits your travel needs effectively.

Load Capacity Limits

Evaluating the load capacity of a kayak trailer is important to guarantee it can handle the combined weight of your kayak and any additional equipment safely. When choosing a trailer, always check its weight limit to make sure it matches the total weight of your kayak, gear, and any other items you plan to carry.

It’s essential not to exceed this capacity as it can compromise both safety and performance on the road. Ensuring your trailer can comfortably bear the load will prevent any damage to both the trailer and your kayak. Always consider the load capacity as a key factor to avoid any risky situations during transportation.

Material Durability

After considering the load capacity, it’s equally important to focus on the durability of the materials used in kayak trailers. I always look for trailers made of marine-grade galvanized steel, which guarantees long-lasting durability against rust and corrosion.

It’s essential to select trailers with heavy-duty axles and leaf spring suspensions, as they provide stable and smooth rides even on rough terrains. I prefer trailers with coated steel load bars because they fit most kayak carriers, offering great versatility.

Additionally, checking for powder-coated wheels and injection-molded fenders is a necessity for added corrosion resistance and longevity. These features ensure that the trailer can handle the weight of my kayaks safely and last through many adventures.

Hitch Compatibility

I’ll need to make sure the hitch on the kayak trailer is compatible with my vehicle’s receiver size, essential for a secure connection. Most standard trailers fit a 2-inch receiver, but it’s best to double-check.

I also need to take into account the tongue weight capacity of the trailer to make certain it matches my vehicle’s towing limits for safe transport. Adjustable hitches are handy as they allow for different vehicle heights and towing setups.

It’s important to pick the right type of hitch system, like a ball coupler or pintle hitch, depending on what my vehicle can handle. Choosing a trailer with a sturdy and reliable hitch mechanism guarantees it won’t detach while I’m driving, keeping everything secure.

Wheel Specifications

When selecting kayak trailers, it’s crucial to take into account the wheel specifications, including diameter and type, to guarantee smooth and safe transportation. You’ll find options like 8-inch pneumatic tires or 12-inch flat-free wheels.

These choices matter because they directly affect how your trailer handles different terrains and loads. Make sure to check the load range ratings, such as Load Range B, which indicates a tire’s ability to support specific weights, essential for carrying multiple kayaks.

Always look at the tire pressure recommendations, typically around 40 PSI, but can go up to 90 PSI. This ensures top-notch performance. Additionally, ensure the wheels can handle speeds up to 65 mph if you’re planning highway travel. Pay attention to wheel materials for lasting durability.

Trailer Dimensions

Choosing the appropriate trailer dimensions is essential to make sure it fits your kayak’s size and weight. When selecting a kayak trailer, I always check the width and length to confirm it can accommodate my kayak comfortably.

I look for trailers with adjustable features, which are incredibly beneficial for fitting different kayak sizes and shapes. Additionally, ensuring the trailer hitch matches my vehicle’s receiver size is necessary for proper towing.

I also consider the height of the trailer to facilitate easy loading and unloading of my kayak. These considerations help me choose the best trailer for my needs.


When you’re picking a kayak trailer, consider what suits your needs best. The Malone models offer variety, whether you’re hauling one boat or four. The Rambo and Bike trailers are great if you’re also biking.

For heavy loads, check out the Bonnlo and VEVOR models. Remember, capacity and durability are key.

Choose wisely to make your outdoor adventures smooth and enjoyable. Safe travels and happy kayaking!

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