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10 Best Kayak Fishing Nets for Epic Catches in 2024!

By: Dave Samuel
Updated On: May 8, 2024

As a seasoned angler, I’ve always emphasized the importance of having the right gear, and selecting the best kayak fishing net for 2024 is no exception. This year’s lineup promises some intriguing features, including ultra-light frames and advanced, fish-friendly materials.

Whether you’re curious about the latest in floating technology or the sturdiest handles for those challenging catches, each of these nets offers unique benefits. I’ve explored models from ForEverlast to KastKing, and I’ll share which nets truly stand out in functionality and durability.

So, why should you pay attention to these recommendations? Well, the right choice could have a significant impact on your fishing success this season.

Here is a Quick Overview of Our Best Kayak Fishing Nets in 2024

Image Product Price
ForEverlast Gen 2
ForEverlast Gen 2
  • Net Material: Rubber-coated
  • Size/Opening: Large opening, suitable for various fish sizes
  • Handle: Long with excellent grip
KastKing Brutus
KastKing Brutus
  • Net Material: Fish-friendly mesh
  • Size/Opening: Multiple size options available
  • Handle: Soft EVA foam, Comfortable grip
PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net
PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net
  • Net Material: Rubber-coated
  • Size/Opening: 15.8 x 11.8 inch hoop, 11.8 inch depth
  • Handle: Aluminum, 16.7 inches
LBW Collapsible
LBW Collapsible
  • Net Material: Non-slip rubber
  • Size/Opening: 13.8 inch depth
  • Handle: Telescopic aluminum, 28.3 inches
  • Net Material: Soft mesh
  • Size/Opening: 18″ x 16″ oval hoop, 12″ depth
  • Handle: Extendable (18-36 inches)
YakAttack Leverage
YakAttack Leverage
  • Net Material: Rubber
  • Size/Opening: 20 x 21 inches (Large)
  • Handle: Hinged, folds, forearm grip
Frabill Bearclaw Net | Premium Fishing Net
Frabill Bearclaw Net | Premium Fishing Net
  • Net Material: Nylon, Aluminum
  • Size/Opening: 14″ x 18″ hoop, 11″ depth
  • Handle: 18 inches
  • Net Material: Rubber-coated
  • Size/Opening: 16.9 inch depth, 13 inch frame width
  • Handle: Extendable, belt clip
  • Net Material: Ultra-thin rubber mesh
  • Size/Opening: 15″ extendable hoop
  • Handle: Non-slip EVA
  • Net Material: Nylon mesh, EVA handle
  • Size/Opening: 14.6″ hoop
  • Handle: 29.5″ (fixed)

1. ForEverlast Gen 2

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: ForEverlast Gen 2
Image Source: Amazon
Net MaterialRubber-coated
Item Weight0.90 lbs
Fishing TechniqueWade Fishing and Fly Fishing
Net Size & ShapeLarge opening, suitable for various fish sizes
HandleLong with excellent grip and leverage

If you’re an avid angler, the ForEverlast Generation 2 Floating Fishing Net, with its large opening and lightweight design, is tailor-made for your diverse fishing needs. It’s versatile enough for fly fishing, trout fishing, or saltwater fishing.

The net features a long handle with a superb grip that gives you great leverage when you’re pulling in those bigger catches. Plus, the rubber-coated, non-snag netting guarantees a safe catch and release, safeguarding the fish from harm.

Thanks to its lightweight build and tethering cord, you can quickly grab it when needed. With a one-size dimension that suits most fish sizes, you’ll find it’s a dependable tool for any fishing trip. Plus, cleaning it’s a breeze, adding to its practicality.

Best For: Anglers looking for a versatile, durable, and easy-to-use net for various fishing techniques including fly, trout, and saltwater fishing.


  • Large opening accommodates various fish sizes, enhancing versatility for different fishing types.
  • Lightweight design with tethering cord allows for easy access and quick use.
  • Rubber-coated, non-snag netting ensures safe catch and release, protecting the fish.


  • Limited warranty may not cover all aspects of the net’s use and durability.

2. KastKing Brutus

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: KastKing Brutus
Image Source: Amazon
Size45″, Hoop – 20″ – 16″ – 10″
Net MaterialFish-friendly mesh
Holding Capacity44lbs/20KG
FeaturesFoldable & Retractable design, Corrosion resistant, Storage bag included
Net Size and ShapeMultiple size options available

You’ll appreciate the KastKing Brutus Fishing Net‘s foldable and extendable design if you frequently kayak fish in varying conditions. Crafted from high-quality 6063 Aluminum alloy, this lightweight yet robust net is perfect for your adventures.

It’s not just easy to handle; it’s also gentle on fish thanks to its fish-friendly mesh, ensuring a safe release every time. The soft EVA foam handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, even when wet. With a capacity to hold up to 44lbs, you won’t have to worry about the bigger catches escaping.

The net offers multiple size options, making it versatile for different fishing scenarios. Plus, its bright handle increases visibility, reducing the chance of losing it overboard. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a weekend warrior, this net promises reliability and functionality in all your fishing endeavors.

Best For: Kayak anglers seeking a reliable and fish-friendly net that is easy to manage in various fishing conditions.


  • Foldable and extendable design for easy storage and adaptability.
  • Constructed from durable 6063 Aluminum alloy.
  • Soft EVA foam handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip.


  • Limited color options available.

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3. PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net
Image Source: Amazon
Net MaterialRubber-coated
Suitable forFresh and Saltwater, Rivers, Ponds, Lakes, etc
Net Size and Shape15.8 x 11.8 inch hoop, 11.8 inch depth
Handle Material‎Aluminum

Anglers looking for a versatile and durable fishing net will find the PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net ideal for various aquatic environments. At just 12.5 ounces, this lightweight tool boasts a 15.8 x 11.8 inch hoop and an 11.8 inch depth, with a 16.7 inch handle, making it perfect for snagging fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

The net’s foam padding guarantees it floats, and its rubber-coated, non-snag netting facilitates easy fish removal and minimizes harm. You’ll appreciate its folding and compact design, which makes it easy to store and transport.

While some users have expressed desires for an adjustable handle, the overall feedback highlights the net’s strength and practicality for catching a variety of fish sizes.

Best For: Anglers seeking a lightweight, compact, and versatile fishing net suitable for a variety of fishing environments.


  • Foam padding ensures the net floats, preventing loss in water.
  • Rubber-coated netting facilitates easy, snag-free fish removal.
  • Foldable design makes it easy to transport and store.


  • Handle is not adjustable, which may limit versatility for some users.

4. LBW Collapsible

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: LBW Collapsible
Image Source: Amazon
Net MaterialNon-slip rubber
Pole FeaturesIntegrated, Anti-bending, Corrosion Resistant
Net Size and Shape13.8 inch depth, suitable for bass, trout, catfish
Net Circumference41″

For kayak fishing enthusiasts, the LBW Collapsible Fishing Net with its telescopic aluminum handle stands out as the top choice for its compact design and ease of storage. You’ll find it incredibly handy with its extendable length of 28.3 inches and a net depth of 13.8 inches, guaranteeing you can catch bass, trout, and catfish with ease.

The net’s durable aluminum alloy pole resists bending, and it’s coated with Teflon for corrosion resistance, making it perfect for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The non-slip rubber handle and hexagonal mesh structure add to its functionality, while the foldable design and belt clip ensure it’s always within reach when you’re on the water.

Best For: Anglers looking for a versatile, durable, and easy-to-store net for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.


  • Telescopic and collapsible design for easy transport and storage.
  • Teflon coating and electroplating enhance durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Non-slip rubber handle and hexagonal mesh structure improve handling and fish safety.


  • Some users may prefer a larger net size for bigger catches.

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Best Kayak Fishing Nets: RESTCLOUD
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialAluminum, Nylon Netting
StyleTelescoping, Foldable
Handle Length36″ (extends to 50″)
Hoop Size18″ x 16″ (Oval)
Net Depth12″
WeightLess than 1 pound
FeaturesLightweight, Soft Mesh, Easy Storage, Durable

If you’re seeking a versatile and compact option for kayak fishing, the RESTCLOUD Telescoping Fishing Landing Net, with its extendable aluminum handle and lightweight design, proves ideal. It’s crafted with a soft mesh that’s gentle on your catch, ensuring they aren’t harmed during the process.

You’ll find it incredibly easy to handle as it weighs less than one pound, making it a breeze to carry around during your fishing trips. The telescopic handle can stretch from 18 to 36 inches, offering you excellent reach without the bulk.

When you’re done, it folds up neatly, making storage simple and quick. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, this net serves well for catch and release, fitting seamlessly into your kayak fishing gear.

Best For: Beginner and advanced anglers looking for a lightweight, portable solution for catch and release fishing.


  • Extendable handle allows for excellent reach without adding bulk.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and maneuver.
  • Foldable and retractable features enhance portability and storage.


  • Concerns about the durability and quality of materials.

6. YakAttack Leverage

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: YakAttack Leverage
Image Source: Amazon
Net Opening20 x 21 inches (Large)
Overall Length54 inches
Handle DesignHinged, folds for storage
GripRevolutionary forearm grip, extended foam covered handle
Hoop DesignWider, Traditional

You’ll appreciate the forearm grip of the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net, which enhances stability and control during your fishing expeditions. This net’s hinged design allows for compact storage, making it an excellent choice for kayakers who value space efficiency.

The large net opening, measuring 20 x 21 inches, is versatile enough for various fishing types, from small trout to larger bass. Made in the USA and backed by a Built for Life Guarantee, this net promises durability and reliability.

Weighing just over 4.5 grams, it’s lightweight yet sturdy, crafted from rubber for a gentle touch on your catch. Despite some concerns about its attachment points, its overall high user rating highlights its effectiveness and ease of use.

Best For: Anglers seeking a compact and effective landing net for kayak fishing.


  • Features a forearm grip for enhanced stability and control.
  • Hinged design allows for easy storage and transportation.
  • Covered by a Built for Life Guarantee ensuring long-term reliability.


  • Some users reported issues with the durability of the net’s attachment points.

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7. Frabill Bearclaw Net | Premium Fishing Net

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: Frabill Bearclaw Net | Premium Fishing Net
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialNylon, Aluminum
Hoop Size14″ x 18″
Net Depth11″
Best forSaltwater and Freshwater fishing

Anglers seeking a reliable, one-handed net for kayak fishing will find the Frabill Bearclaw Net an exceptional choice. Crafted with a one-handed design, it allows you to manage your catch easily while maintaining control over your kayak.

The compact, handled yoke and support bar enhance its efficiency, making it a top pick for those tight on space. It’s equipped with an asymmetrical, flat-bottomed net made of conservation material, ensuring the safety of your catch with a snag-proof fish slide.

This net is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, showcasing its versatility. With a durable blend of nylon and aluminum, the Frabill Bearclaw promises to be a dependable companion on your fishing adventures.

Best For: Kayak anglers looking for a reliable, one-handed net that is easy to manage while fishing.


  • One-handed operation allows for easier handling and increased efficiency in tight spaces.
  • Constructed with conservation-friendly materials, featuring an asymmetrical flat-bottomed net that protects your catch.
  • Versatile design suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.


  • Some users have raised concerns about the accuracy of product descriptions.


Best Kayak Fishing Nets: SAN LIKE
Image Source: Amazon
MaterialAluminum, Rubber Coating
Length31.9″ to 41″ (Telescopic)
Net Depth16.9 inches
Net Frame Width13 inches
FeaturesOne-click fold, flat bottom net, belt clip, suitable for various fishing environments

Featuring a one-click folding mechanism and telescopic handle, the SAN LIKE Collapsible Floating Fishing Net is ideal for kayak anglers seeking convenience and efficiency. You’ll appreciate the rubber-coated netting, which guarantees the fish are protected during your catch.

The net comes with a handy belt clip and an extendable handle, making it versatile for different fishing situations. It’s designed to be compact yet strong, perfect for fresh water adventures.

While most users have praised its performance and ease of use, some have noted concerns about the handle’s sturdiness and the durability of the netting. However, its lightweight construction and practical design make it a favorite among kayak fishing enthusiasts.

Best For: Anglers looking for a portable and easy-to-use net for freshwater fishing, particularly suitable for kayak fishing.


  • Easy to operate with one-click folding mechanism and telescopic handle for convenience
  • Rubber-coated netting ensures gentle handling and protection of fish
  • Compact and lightweight design with additional features like a belt clip for ease of transport


  • Some concerns about the sturdiness of the telescopic handle under heavy use

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Best Kayak Fishing Nets: YVLEEN
Image Source: Amazon
Hoop Size15″ / 38cm (Extendable)
MaterialAerospace-grade Aluminum
Net DesignRevolutionary Floating Design, Ultra-thin rubber mesh
HandleNon-slip EVA for comfort and control
PortabilityComes with a portable carry bag
Net Size (Fixed Pole Option)36-inch
Locking SwitchLatest locking switch for enhanced functionality

If you’re searching for a high-quality fishing net that combines portability and functionality, the YVLEEN Floating Fishing Net is your ideal choice. This innovative net showcases a floating design and is equipped with an ultra-thin rubber mesh, making your fishing efforts more efficient.

It’s not just about the catch; the net’s upgraded connectivity guarantees durability and reliability, so you can use it season after season. The anti-slip handle design guarantees comfortable handling, even on those longer trips.

You’ll appreciate the included portable carry bag, making it easy to store and transport. Sized with a telescopic pole and styled in vibrant orange, this net isn’t only practical but also stylish. Plus, its lightweight build means you won’t be weighed down as you paddle.

Best For: Anglers looking for a compact, lightweight, and reliable fishing net for frequent and casual use.


  • Floating design and ultra-thin rubber mesh enhance fishing efficiency.
  • Includes a portable carry bag for easy storage and transportation.
  • Anti-slip handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip during use.


  • The net size may be too small for larger catches.

10. Sougayilang

Best Kayak Fishing Nets: Sougayilang
Image Source: Amazon
Hoop size14.6″
MaterialNylon (Mesh), EVA (Handle)
StyleRed-Fixed Handle (29.5″)
BenefitsWater repelling, Prevents waterlogging, Odor absorption, sweat absorption, Portable

You’ll appreciate the Sougayilang Foldable Fishing Net with its telescopic pole and lightweight design, making it a top choice for kayak fishing enthusiasts. Crafted with durable nylon mesh and a waterproof coating, it stands up well against the elements.

The EVA handle guarantees a comfortable grip, essential when you’re reeling in your catch. Available in red and black and in three sizes, it offers flexibility for different fishing needs. Despite its compact size, it’s got a decent hoop size of 14.6 inches.

Priced reasonably, it’s a great option for outfitting the family without breaking the bank. You’ll find it easy to store and transport, thanks to its foldable design. Just watch for the smaller opening if you’re after larger bass.

Best For: Kayak anglers looking for a portable, sturdy, and compact fishing net.


  • Foldable and lightweight design for easy transport and storage
  • Durable nylon mesh with waterproof coating to withstand outdoor elements
  • Comfortable EVA handle provides a secure grip during use


  • Smaller hoop size may not be suitable for catching larger fish like bass

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kayak Fishing Nets in 2024

When I’m choosing a kayak fishing net, I consider several essential factors to make sure I get the most suitable one for my needs.

I look at the size and shape of the net to match the types of fish I typically catch, and the handle length and material for ease of use and durability.

It’s also critical to think about how easy the net is to store and carry, alongside how gentle it’s on the fish I catch.

Net Size & Shape

Selecting the appropriate size and shape of a kayak fishing net is essential for successfully catching your desired fish. If you’re targeting larger species, you’ll need a bigger net. This not only increases your chances of handling them safely but also guarantees they don’t escape. Deeper nets are great for these larger fish as they prevent them from jumping out.

On the other hand, the hoop size is vital too; a larger hoop helps cover more area, making it easier to scoop up your catch.

The shape of the net also plays a significant role. Flat-bottomed nets, for instance, are fantastic for reducing stress on the fish and make handling them much easier. Whether round, triangular, or rectangular, each shape has its unique advantages in maneuverability and effectiveness.

Handle Length & Material

Taking into account the handle length and material is essential when choosing a kayak fishing net. Longer handles give you better leverage and reach, which is really handy when you’re seated in your kayak. You don’t want to strain too much or lean out dangerously to scoop up your catch.

I’ve found that telescopic handles are super versatile because you can adjust them to your needs on the fly, whether you’re in tight spots or open water.

Choosing lightweight materials like aluminum or EVA foam is vital too. They help keep the net manageable and prevent arm fatigue, which lets you enjoy your fishing trip without unnecessary strain. Always check the handle’s material for comfort and a good grip.

Durability & Maintenance

To guarantee your kayak fishing net lasts, choose models made from durable materials like aluminum, nylon, or rubber-coated mesh. These materials aren’t only strong but also withstand different environmental conditions. It’s wise to opt for nets with corrosion-resistant coatings, particularly if you’re fishing in saltwater. This extra layer of protection helps prevent rust and extends the net’s life.

I make it a habit to regularly clean my fishing net, removing any debris or dirt that could degrade the material over time. Keep an eye out for nets that come with a warranty—this can give you peace of mind, knowing you’re covered in case of durability issues. Remember, a well-maintained net is a long-lasting net.

Portability & Storage

When choosing a kayak fishing net, consider its importance and how easily it can be stored within the confined space of your kayak. Opt for a collapsible or foldable design, which makes it a breeze to tuck away and transport.

Lightweight materials are a necessity; they keep the net manageable and won’t throw off your kayak’s balance. Compact dimensions are vital to fit snugly in your limited space. Look for nets with retractable handles or telescopic poles. These features allow you to adjust the length for various fishing scenarios while ensuring easy storage.

Always choose a net with durable construction that can handle the wet and wild conditions of kayak fishing.

Fish Safety Features

Ensuring the safety of fish during kayak fishing requires choosing nets with specific features designed to minimize harm and stress. Rubber-coated, non-snag netting is essential as it protects fish during catch and release, ensuring they aren’t injured by harsh materials. The mesh should be soft and gentle to further prevent any harm.

I also recommend opting for foldable or collapsible nets, which help in handling the fish more comfortably and reduce stress. Telescopic handles are a great feature, allowing you to reach and land fish safely, minimizing the chance of injury.


Choosing the right kayak fishing net for 2024 isn’t tricky if you keep a few things in mind. Look for nets like the ForEverlast Generation 2 or KastKing Brutus that offer durability and comfort. Consider the net’s size, handle, and material, opting for features that suit your fishing style.

Remember, a good net can make your fishing trip easier and help safely catch and release fish. So, pick one that best meets your needs, and happy fishing!

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